This is my creative workspace and I would love to share with you. Whether you have been contemplating taking sewing lessons or wanting to have a special garment made I would be happy to share my expertise of 35 years as a professional dressmaker and designer to help guide you in bringing your visions to fruition.


Sewing Classes

Join us for sewing instruction in our inspiring North Park studio. Whether you are just embarking on your first project or wish to expand your current sewing knowledge, our small classes offer hands-on personalized guidance to develop a confident understanding of the skills needed to craft quality garments. No need to worry if you are threading a machine for the first time – and likewise if you are an experienced stitcher and wish to expand your sewing skills with couture technique – we can accommodate you, Class instruction is project based with an emphasis on moving toward more challenging techniques – what ever your skill set may be.

Academy Hampton Linen Shirt


Zodiac Satin Slip Dress
Atmos Delilah Ruffle Playsuit
Twist Top from Privilege

Custom Design

Gwen Couture ~ a creative collaborative which brings your fashion visions to fruition. Gwen Couture crafts quality clothing specializing in designer sportswear, evening attire as well as bridal. Established in La Jolla in 1984, we have had the pleasure of providing our clients with their favorite waredrobe pieces. Working one on one we can tailor fit, fabric, and style without compromise.


“Let’s have a quick chat about what we can all do”

In an industry that is rife with waste ever small effort that we make collectively can have a much greater impact. Here in the studio we make every effort not only to recycle the usual suspects but we also recycle every scrap of fabric thanks to the Salvation Army’s recycling program.